Chief Executive Officer

Jodi Chambers-Wilson

 Business Owner
Tax Accountant

11 Year Tax Law Instructor
20 Years in the Income Tax Industry


Mobile Tax Service

James Chambers

40 Years Income Tax Experience

Enrolled Agent

Jodi Chambers-Wilson
20 Years Income Tax Experience
 Tax Accountant
Tax Analyst

11 Year Tax Law Instructor
12 Years Specializing in NR & Foreign Visa holders tax returns

Contact Jodi for your H1B/L1s & Special Tax Situatuions




This Domain is for sale- Contact me to inquire or click the link below.


Disclaimer- Please note: My departure from my previous partnership in business was for one move on and grow in business.


 "…you have stayed long enough at this mountain"(Duet 1:6, NIV)


I am not in any way connected to the business that I was associated with as a partner…that is now a past business relationship.


I am no longer in any way affiliated with any income tax company, organization, corporation or the people who run the offices currently at my prior business venture. I am now the sole proprietor of my own organization.


Thank you for your continued support of my services in this industry. The laws of the IRS are at the forefront of my all times.




Jodi Chambers-Wilson


This Domain is for sale- Contact me to inquire or click on the link below.